"The Art Of Washing"

At the very beginning, our target was to produce Yıltek Group’s needed machines but later on, with the experience and knowledge we get, we have become the best company of our country and one of the greatest companies of the world. Today, Yılmak provides all main and subsidiary machines as world class in terms of garment washing and garment dyeing. In more than 30 countries and 300 factories, the machines produced by Yılmak is being used all around the world.

Our Story

Our story started 50 years ago. Since 1968, Yılteks Laundry Industry company has been developing every single day to provide laundry service. In developing industry of Turkey, Yılteks, which is renewed and enlarges its production capacity constantly, has become the unique company that products its own ready-to-wear in its own factories. In the following years, it brought Yılmak Machine to life to produce its own machines in the direction of developing local industry.


On our planet, individuals’ and companies’ first priority is to protect life as one and not to waste natural resources in the principle of sustainibility. As Yılmak Machine, we produce our products with the awareness with this logic and we attach importance to this in all instutions of us. Since, we know our responsibility to this world and to the future.


As a company, we make our most imporant investments in the field of R&D and modernist works. We take firm steps forward as following the latest developments and technology. We dominate this sector with the products that produced by us with the implementation of latest technology and we aim at creating technology rather than just following it.

Less Amount Of Waste

With the machines we produce, we reduce the amount of waste that are left around environment. In this way, we reduce carbon footprint in the World.

Less Energy

With our production factories and the products that we produce, we use less energy to stay true to our sustainability policy.

Less Water

With the latest technology we use, we reduce the amount of water usage to the minimum and we help our business partners to keep the World clean. One piece of Yılmak Rainforest machine saves up 50.000 lt water in a day which means the daily water consumption of 250 person in a day. It gives back what it takes from nature.

Less Chemicals

With the latest technology we use, we terminate the supremacy of chemicals and we provide economic benefit to our business partners to fulfill our duty about protecting Nature.