Our story started 50 years ago. Since 1968,

Yılteks Laundry Industry company has been developing every single day to provide laundry service. In developing industry of Turkey, Yılteks, which is renewed and enlarges its production capacity constantly, has become the unique company that products its own ready-to-wear in its own factories. In the following years, it brought Yılmak Machine to life to produce its own machines in the direction of developing local industry.

Today, Yılmak machine is producing high quality and secure machines with the more than 1000 employees in its group of companies in Tekirdağ and İstanbul. With the researchs and development studies, Yılmak machine, which provides added-value productions, dominates sector in the best way. It contributes to economy every day with the exportion to more than 35 countries all around the world.