HBM 2120 S-D

Excellence comes along with experience. 50 years of experience in Garment Dyeing with YILTEKS Garment Dye House guided us to create the HBM-D Garment Dyeing Machines. HBM – D Dyeing Machines are providing perfect solutions for reactive dyeing, pigment dyeing, dischargable dyeing, direct dyeing and all other garment dyeing operations.

Patented Jet Dyeing System is also coming as an extra water and chemical saving benefit of HBM – D Garment Dyeing Machines.

# Parameter Name Unit Value
1 Drum Volume lt 2120
2 Drum Diameter mm 1500
3 Drum Depth mm 1200
4 Variable Speed rpm 0-100
5 Installed Power kW 10
6 Height mm 2340
7 Width mm 2050
8 Depth mm 2220