HNS 3000

HNS series dryers are designed for lowest energy cunsumption, HNS series dryers could be equipied with different kinds of energy sources such as steam, thermal oil, electrcity, natural gas and deisel.

PLC, Touch Screen, Humidty Controller, Conventional Temperature Controller and IR Temprature Controller all are our team members which are helping us running this perfect machine smoothly.

We designed different machines for different working princibles; Single Door & Single (Front) Tilting Machines, Pass Through Machines Double Door Single Tilting (Back) with Automatic Loading and Conveyor Auto unloading systems.

# Parameter Name Unit Value
1 Drum Volume lt 3000
2 Drum Diameter mm 1700
3 Drum Depth mm 1250
4 Installed Power kW 9
5 Gas Counsumption m3/h 10
6 Steam Consumption kg/h 275
7 Height mm 2565
8 Width mm 2125
9 Depth mm 2250